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Fruit brandies from Ljutovo

Aviator brandies are created due to brandy production technology passed on from generation to generation and the love of conquering heights. Our brandies’ story begins back in 1962 in the small village of Ljutovo when the traditional production of brandy grew into a small family business.

Thanks to experience, the traditional way of creating brandy in copper cauldrons, and the quality of fruit from our orchards on the sand, we get fruit brandies with a pronounced aroma, authentic flavors, and optimal percentage of alcohol. The top quality of our brandies from Ljutovo, a region known for producing excellent fruit brandies, is recognized globally and in our country.

Rakija od jabuka

Apple Brandy

Aviator Apple brandy gives off an authentic aroma of naturally fine, juicy apples with its slightly sour taste. With each sip, it revives the rich and fresh fruity taste.

William brandy

Aviator Williams is an aromatic brandy with a perfect texture and characteristic flavors of sweet William pear. Slightly chilled, it revives fruity notes, making each glass a real treat.

Rakija od kruške
Rakija od dunje

Quince Brandy

Aviator quince brandy has a perfectly balanced sweet and sour taste with slight floral detail. This brandy perfectly represents quince with its subtle fruity note and exciting texture.


Only for adults


We drink brandy for a better appetite.


We drink brandy for a better mood.

Konzumacija Aviator rakije


After eating, we sip brandy for good digestion.


We enjoy relaxing with a glass of good brandy.

Production of Aviator brandy

Quality fruit and tradition

The production of top quality brandy implies the possession of technology, knowledge, and, of course, quality fruit. From 100 kg of fruit, we get an average of 3 to 11 liters of brandy, depending on the fruit type. This means that a large amount of quality fruit is needed to produce a brandy that meets the highest criteria.

Rakija dunja zlatna medalja

The first thing in the brandy production process is fruit selection. We choose only ripe, quality fruits. The fruit is washed first, and then we start grinding. The fruit prepared in this way is then fermented under special conditions. After fermentation, we do distillation.

IWSC gold Aviator

We traditionally distill our brandy in a handmade copper cauldron, which increases the quality of Aviator brandy. Once the distillation process is done, we leave the finished distillate to stand for a while. The next step is to reduce the brandy’s strength to 40 to 42 vol—% alcohol. After re-aging, the distillate is filtered, and in the end, it remains to bottle our brandy.

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Choose your Aviator brandy and take off – but stay responsible and moderate.

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